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Round Square加盟校のアメリカ・ニューヨーク州にあるTrevor Day Schoolから留学生がやってきました。6週間にわたって、高校1年生の生徒の家にホームステイをしながら、八雲学園に通い、生徒と一緒に授業を受けています。放課後は空手道部や茶道部の練習にも参加するなど、日本文化を学びながら、学校生活を堪能してもらっています。生徒たちとの仲も深まり、すっかりクラスの一員となっています。


Greetings everyone, My name is James Karmacharya and I am an 11th grader at The Trevor Day School in Upper East Manhattan, New York. I came to The Yakumo Academy as part of Round Square's exchange program for 6 weeks. I took classes and joined clubs like a regular Yakumo Academy student would and I have loved and enjoyed every single part of my stay here in Japan and at The Yakumo Academy.

To speak more about myself--I was born and raised in Nepal, but I moved to the United States of America with the rest of my family in 2015. I would describe myself as a curious and adventurous individual who wants to learn and experience all the things life has to offer. My hobbies include watching and playing basketball, reading books, and listening to music (rap, R&B, and J-pop). I have a great interest in learning about Macroeconomics and Finance. In the future, I hope to become an Investment Banker in Wall St and work for global leading banks like J.P Morgan or Goldman Sachs.

I have travelled to many countries including France, London, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Dubai, Qatar. However, one place I always wanted to visit was Japan. At a young age, I had always been exposed to Japanese culture and history. Even my father and my grandfather visited Japan many times in the past. In New York, I would always spend my free time watching my favorite anime such as One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z. I also love to read manga such as Bleach and Chainsaw Man. My favorite food has always been ramen and I love Japan's traditional culture such as kimono dresses, samurai-history, and art/calligraphy.

When my school, The Trevor Day School, offered to let us students go to a country of our choice for an exchange, I knew I wanted to pick and go to Japan. At first, I was very nervous coming here. However, the love and support I received from everyone at Yakumo Academy and my host brother, Haruto, made it much easier for me to adjust here. Even though I have only been here for a short time, I have already learned to love Yakumo Academy and Japan dearly. Everyone here is very kind and amazing in every way--teachers, faculty, and students alike. I am very honored and happy to be here. Thank you all for having me here!. Please do not hesitate to ask me anything or to say hello--I look forward to meeting you all :)


James Karmacharya







投稿日:2022年10月31日 (月)