Round Squareレポート


オーストラリアのWilderness School、Scotch College、ヨルダンのKing's Academy(2名)、イギリスのWestfield Schoolと、地域も国も異なるRound Square加盟校から5名の留学生がやってきました。約1カ月にわたって、生徒の家にホームステイをしながら八雲学園に通い、生徒と一緒に授業を受けたり、日本の文化などを学びました。放課後はバスケットボール部やサッカー部の練習や校内バラザに参加し、一泊遠足にも同行するなど、学校生活を堪能していました。生徒たちとの仲も深まり、すっかり八雲学園の生徒の一員となりました。

留学生の感想:「The Classes were very nice. People were very helpful and kind all the time. My host parents were more kind to me than my actual parents. They took me to all the places I wanted to go. I am so grateful for having them as my host family.」
「The students were all welcoming and nice to me. It was so fun getting to know everyone and making new memories. My host family were one of the nicest people and they planned things based on what I wanted to do. The food was also great!」
「The classes were very fun and I learnt a lot from the teachers and the students. The students at Yakumo were all very kind and helped me while being at the school. My host family were very nice and made me feel welcomed. I have learnt many respectful things and have had many changes while being in Japan.」
「It was fun doing classes with people from every grade. Students were very kind and welcoming, respectful, and nice to talk to. My host family were the best host family ever. They were very understanding and treated me so well. I have made many friends from Yakumo who I wish I can meet again.」
「The classes were fun. Students were nice and welcoming. There were a lot of cultural shocks but that did not stop the Yakumo students from being nice and respectful. They were the best part about this journey. I learned more about Japanese culture. I became a bit more independent and I think I would want to come to Japan again to meet the friends I made.」











投稿日:2024年7月10日 (水)